Asked Jan 6, 2020

A person on horse's back tends to fall back if the horse starts running all of sudden. Why?


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Q: Determine the product of the reaction Li + He →? + n. What is the Q value of the reaction?

A: (a)Let the product be NYA. Consider the given reaction.


Q: Explain the difference between steady state and variable state of a thermal conductor.

A: The definition of a steady state is an unchanging condition, system or process that remains the same...


Q: Distinguish between concurrent forces and coplanar forces.

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A: The degree of freedom depends on the number atom in the gas molecule.


Q: Liquid oxygen freezes at -218.4 degree C and boils at -183 degree C . Express these temperatures in ...

A: T1 = -218.4o CT2 = -183 o C 


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A: Formula to the total energy released is,


Q: What is the effect of decrease of pressure on the fusion and boiling point of CO2.

A: The phase diagram of carbon dioxide is,


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A: Whenever we put fire at a place, the air surrounding the fire gets heated up. As we know that hot ai...