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A plane electromagnetic wave having a frequency of 40 MHz is traveling through a medium with relative permittivity of 4 and relative permeability of 5. Find out the phase velocity of the wave along with the wavelength.


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Step 1

As given, that, electromagnetic wave having a frequency, f =40MHz

Relative permittivity of medium Ɛr=4

Relative permeability of medium µr=5

Although, formula for phase velocity is given by


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speed of light (3x100 cm/s) c Plugging the given values in the formula of phase velocity 3 x1010 - cm/sec V5x 4 v 0.67x1010cm/sec

Step 2


Formula for wavelength is given by


Image Transcriptionclose

phase velocity (v). cm frequency (f

Step 3

Plugging the value of velocity and f...


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phase velocity (v) frequency (f 0.67x100 cm/sec 40 x106 Hz 2 0.016x 10 cm A=160cm


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