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A plane, travelling from city A to city B located 100 miles north from city A, encounters a west wind
of 50 mph. If the speed of the plane in still air is 320 mph, find the angle at which the pilot should
direct the plane in order to keep the course on city B.

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Step 1

Draw the schematic arrangement of the system:

320sin0 mph s
100 miles
320 mph
A 320cos0 mph
50 mph

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E 320sin0 mph s 100 miles 320 mph A 320cos0 mph 50 mph z

Step 2

The resultant velocity of the plane must be in the direction from south to north in order to direct the ...

320 cos
mph -50 mph 0
0 81.1°

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320 cos mph -50 mph 0 50 cose 320 50 e=cos 320 0 81.1°


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