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A population is made up of individuals where  149 have the A1A1 genotype, 18 have the A1A2 genotype, and 154 have the A2A2 genotype.  What is the allele frequency of A1?  Answer to 2 decimal places.



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Step 1

A gene is the functional unit of inheritance and it has two alleles. The humans receive a haploid set of chromosomes from both parents. Expression of dominant gene can be observed in either the homozygous or heterozygous condition. Expression of a recessive gene is observed only in the homozygous condition. Frequency of alleles in the population can be estimated using Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

There are two equations in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium,

p2+q2+2pq = 1

p+q = 1

p is the frequency of the dominant allele (A1).

q is the frequency of the recessive allele (A2).

p² is the frequency of individuals with the homozygous dominant genotype (A1A1).

2pq is the frequency of individuals with the heterozygous genotype (A1A2).

q² is the frequency of individuals with the homozygous recessive genotype (A2A2).

Step 2

The total number of individuals counted is 149 + 18 + 154 = 321.


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