Asked Mar 18, 2020

A proton moving at 4.00 × 106 m/s through a magnetic field of magnitude 1.70 T experiences a magnetic force of magnitude 8.20 × 10−13 N. What is the angle between the proton’s velocity and the field?


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Step 1


Velocity of proton (v) = 4×106 m/s.

Magnitude of magnetic field (B) = 1.7 T.

Magnitude of magnetic force (F) = 8.2×10-13 N.

Charge on proton (q) = 1.602×10-19 C.

Step 2

The force exerted on moving proton in the magnetic field is given as,

Physics homework question answer, step 2, image 1

Step 3

Let, Angle between velocity and the magnetic field is θ,

Physics homework question answer, step 3, image 1


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