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A pycnometer is a device used to measure density. It weighs 20.455 g empty and 31.486 g when filled with water (d=1.00 g/cm3). Pieces of an alloy are put into the empty, dry pycnometer. The mass of the alloy and pycnometer is 28.695 g. Water is added to the alloy to exactly fill the pycnometer. The mass of the pycnometer, water, and alloy is 38.689 g. What is the density of the alloy?


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Step 1

Density is given by,


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Mass Density = Volume

Step 2


Density of water is 1.00 g/cm3

Mass of empty pycnometer is 20.455 g

Mass of pycnometer+ water is 31.486 g

Mass of pycnometer+ alloy is 28.695 g

Mass of pycnometer+ alloy+ water is 38.689 g.

From the given information volume of pycnometer is calculated as,


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31.486 g-20.455g =11.031g Mass Volume= Density 11.031g 1.00g/cm =11.031cm

Step 3

From the volume of pycnometer, mass of alloy is calculated then mass of water is calculated, this mass of wate...


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=28.695 g-20.455g =8.24 g = 38.689 g-20.455g-8.24=9.994 g 9.994 g -9.994 cm3 1.00 g/cm =11.031 cm-9.994 cm =1.037 cm


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