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A quarterback throws a football toward a receiver with an initial
speed of 20. m/s at an angle of 30.° above the horizontal.
At that instant the receiver is 20. m from the quarterback. In
(a) what direction and (b) with what constant speed should
the receiver run in order to catch the football at the level at
which it was thrown?


Expert Answer

Step 1


The equation for vertical displacement is given by


Image Transcriptionclose

4y = 16,1 +a,r a,r² 2 = (v, sin e)t +

Step 2

Here θ is the angle, v0y is the vertical component of velocity, ay is the vertical acceleration, t is the time taken.


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0 = (20m/s ) sin 30°t –(9.8m/s*)r 0 = 10r – 4.9r tx 2s

Step 3

Horizontal distance...


Image Transcriptionclose

Ar = Vort =v, cos et = 20m/s(cos30°)(2s) = 35 m


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