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A random sample of 226 Chinese Americans has finished an average of 12.6 years of formal
education with a standard deviation of 3.9. Using a 95% confidence level, are Chinese Americans
significantly more educated than the national average of 12.2 years?

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Step 1

The provided data is,

Sample size, n
Sample mean,
= 12.6
Sample standard deviation, s =3.9

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Sample size, n Sample mean, 226 = 12.6 Sample standard deviation, s =3.9

Step 2

The null and the alternative hypotheses are,

H 12.2
H 12.2

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H 12.2 H 12.2

Step 3

The t-test statistic can...

t =

Image Transcriptionclose

t = 12.6-12.2 3.9 /226 -1.54


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