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A rectangular make-up case is 3in. High and has a volume of 90in3 . The wide is 1in. Less than the length. Find the length and width of the case.


A rectangular make-up case is 3in. High and has a volume of 90in. The wide is 1in. Less than the length. Find the length and width of the case.

Step 1

The case is in rectangular shape with 3 in height and volume is 90in3.

The width of the case is 1in less than the length.

So consider the length as x.

Then width of the case is x – 1.

The volume of the cuboid is,

Step 2

Now substitute V = 90, l =x, w = x –1, and h = 3 in the volume.

Step 3

Find the values of x of the above quad...


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