A rectangular park measuring 32 yards by 24 yards is surrounded by a trail of uniform width. If the area of the park and the trail combine is 1748 square yards, what is the width of the park

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A: Rewrite the given as follows.

Q: Consider the following functions. f(x) = 4x2 + 5,    g(x) = 6x Find (f ∘ g)(x)   ,   (g ∘ f)(x)   ,...

A: Find (f ∘ g)(x) .

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A: Definition:

Q: Factor the trinomial  x2+12x+35

A: Given,

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A: Given:

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A: Given,

Q: please solve it and show your work

A: The given product is,

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A: Plug a and h in place of x to find f(a) and f(h).Answer(1): f(a)+f(h)=5a+5h-12

Q: Solve for x. Enter your answer as a decimal rounded to the nearest tenth. 4(x + 1) = -2

A: To determine the solution of the equation.

Q: Solve a quardratic expression by factoring 4x2+15x-25=0

A: Given,

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A: Finding the factors :

Q: 78.

A: Given the functions are

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A: Solve the given equations. To solve the given equation , factor the left hand side. Product is +9 an...

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A: From given, the height of the triangle is 1 foot shorter than its base, h=b-1.

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A: Given:Two joggers, one averaging 6 mph and one averaging 5 mph, start from a designated initial poin...

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A: Consider the given information:

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A: Given:

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A: It is given that f (6) = 4 and f (7) = 5.So, the two points are (6,4) and (7,5).It is known that the...

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A: Given:Sum of two numbers is 3 and their difference is -2.

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A: By algebra of limits , we have the following result 

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A: Given,

Q: The sum/ difference of square X4-16

A: The given expression

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A: to get the equations for values of a and b.

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A: The price of rocking chair at Mega-Lo-Mart with 20% off is $104.Let x be the full price of rocking c...

Q: Solve the system by substitution  {-3x+4y=5 {4x-8y=-4

A: From -3x+4y=5 we solve for y. 

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A: Refer to the question , as mentioned the national health care expenditures H, in billions of dollars...

Q: 6. Solve the following inequalities and write solution using interval notation. a. 10x211x - 6 > 0 b...

A: NOTE: Dear student, since you have posted a question with multiple subparts, we will answer the firs...

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A: Exponential growth formula:

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A: Given: -

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A: As per our policy I am going to solve only first 3-subparts and for the remaining subparts post the ...

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A: Consider the given function.

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A: Subtract 1. Subtract using LCD. 

Q: Factor the greatest common factor from the polynomial. Assume any variable exponents represent whole...

A: Given,

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A: It is given that 99 Mexican Pesos equals to $5.50.So, by using the Unitary method, find the value of...

Q: Graphing Linear Equations Graph vertical and horizontal lines Question Graph the line y = 4. Provide...

A: We know that,

Q: How do I solve this equation? And how do I determine what type of solution it is?

A: Given:

Q: Simply (1/4) to the power of -2

A: According to the question,

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A: Let x be the amount of ounces of medication required for 270-pound adult.Then, x-1.5 is the amount o...

Q: please solve and show your work

A: The whole number of the number

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A: The given quadratic equation is

Q: Number 90 I'm not sure hoto answer this

A: To graph the inequality and write the set in interval notation.