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A researcher wants to examine how a new intervention helps children learn to read. A random sample of 25 kindergarten children is selected from a population with a mean score of 20 on a standardized reading test. After the four week intervention program, the children have an average of 22.2 with a SS of 384. Did the intervention improve reading in kindergarteners?
 What test would you use to measure this?


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Step 1

In the provided information, the one sample t-test will be used for measurement because it is used to determine the statistical difference between a sample mean and a hypothesized value of the mean in the population and here test is to be conducted to check whether the population mean has been improved after reading. Therefore the appropriate test is one sample t-test .The sample size (n) of the observation is 25 and the population mean (µ) is 20. The sample mean and sample standard deviation can be written as:

Step 2

The hypothesis can be made as:


Image Transcriptionclose

P=20 H 20

Step 3

The t-value can be calc...


Image Transcriptionclose

t = S 22.2-20 4 125 2.2x5 4 2.75


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