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 A rigid vessel containing a 3:1 mol ratio of carbon dioxide and water vapor is held at 200 °C where it has a total pressure of 2.00 atm. If the vessel is cooled to 10 °C so that all of the water vapor condenses, what is the pressure of carbon dioxide? Neglect the volume of the liquid water that forms on cooling. 


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Step 1


The mole ratio of carbon dioxide and water vapor is 3;1

The total pressure of vessel (Ptotal) = 2.00 atm

The intial temperature (T1) = 200oC = (273K +200) = 473K

The final temperature (T2) = 10oC = (273K+10)=283K

Step 2

Using the ideal gas equation, calculate the pressure of carbon dioxide at 200 oC as follows.

The ideal gas equation is PV = nRT...

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