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A sample of Br, (g) takes 48.0 min to effuse through a membrane. How long would it take the same number of moles of Ar(g)
to effuse through the same membrane?

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A sample of Br, (g) takes 48.0 min to effuse through a membrane. How long would it take the same number of moles of Ar(g) to effuse through the same membrane? time: min


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Step 1

Graham`s law of diffusion: the rate of effusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of the molar mass of its particles.


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Rate of effusion a= VM

Step 2

For two gasses:


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M2 Rate, Rate2 VM1 where: Rate, is the rate of effusion for the first gas. (volume or number of moles per unit time). Rate, is the rate of effusion for the second gas. M¡ is the molar mass of gas 1 M, is the molar mass of gas 2.

Step 3


Time of effusion of Br2 gas = 48 minutes

Molar mass of Br2 = 159.808...

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