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A sandbag is motionless in outer space. A second sandbag with two times the massmoving at 12 m/s collides with it and they both stick together and move at a speed of ____m/s.


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Step 1



Before collision:

For first sandbag

Initial velocity, u1 = 0

Mass, m1 = m

For second sandbag

Initial velocity, u2 = 12 m/s

Mass, m2 = 2m

After collision:

Final velocity of the system = v

Mass of the system = m+2m

                                = 3m


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ater collision 2m m+2m

Step 2

From the law of conserva...


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Momentum before collision = Momentum after collision ти + т,и, 3 (т, + m,)v тx0+2mx12- Зту v 8m/s


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