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A sheet of aluminum (Al) foil has a total area of 1.000 ft2 and a mass of 3.946 g.
What is the thickness of the foil in millimeters (density of Al = 2.699 g/cm3)?

provide answer in mm


Expert Answer

Step 1

The conversion factor for ft2 and cm2 units is:

1.0 ft2 = 929.03 cm2


Hence, the area of aluminium foil in cm2 units is 929.03 cm2.

Step 2

The formula for calculating thickness of aluminium foil is given in the equation (1).


The thickness of given aluminium foil is calculated in cm units in the equation (2).


Image Transcriptionclose

Mass of Al Thickness of Al =- (1) Area of Alx density of Al 3.946 g Thickness of Al = 929.03 cm2 x 2.699 g/cm (2) =1.57x 10 cm

Step 3

The conversion factor for centimeter and millimetre units is:

1 cm = 10 mm


Hence, 1.57 × 10-3 cm = 1.57 × 10-3 × 10 mm


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