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A slope distance is observed as 4807.68 ± 0.018 ft. The zenith angle is observed as 95°27’46” ± 6.5”. What are the horizontal distance and its estimated error? 


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Step 1


Slope distance = 4807.68 ± 0.018 ft

Zenith angle = 95o27’46” ± 65”

Given details shown in the figure below:


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Slope distance (L) = 4807.68 ± 0.018ft Z Horizontal distance (H e is vertical angle and z is zenith angle

Step 2

Angle z ranges vary 95o26’41” to 95o28’51”.

Slope distance vary from 4807.662 ft to 4807.698 ft.

Step 3

: Calculating horizontal distance as H.

H = L Sin (z)

L = 4807.68 ft

Z = 95o27’46&rd...


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H 4807.68 Sin(O5°27'46") H 4785.844 ft


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