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A square wire loop 15.0 cm on each side carries a clockwise current of 6.00 A.

Find the magnitude of the magnetic field at its center due to the four 1.20 mm wire segments at the midpoint of each side. 

B = ____________ T


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Step 1


Length of each side of square = 15 cm

Current = 6 A

Length of element wire = 1.20 mm


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15em 15 cm -7.5-

Step 2

From Biot Savart’s law magnetic field ...


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HIdl x dв 4л р? where permeability of air Iis the current dl is the element wire fis the displacement unit vector ris the distance of wire element from the center of the loop plug in the values 47T x 10 dв 6x1.20x 10 47T (7.5x10) dB 1.28x 10T


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