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  1. A test of the null hypothesis H0: μ= μ0 gives test statistic z = 1.63.

    1. What is the P-value if the alternative is Ha: μ > μ0? 

    2. What is the P-value if the alternative is Ha: μ < μ0? 

    3. What is the P-value if the alternative is Ha: μ ≠ μ0? 


Expert Answer

Step 1

It is provided that, z = 1.63


The alternative hypothesis suggests that the test is right tailed. Thus, the P-value for the right tailed test using the standard normal table can be computed as:


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P-value P(Z> z) P(Z>1.63) 1-P(Z <1.63) =1-0.9484 (From standard normal table) =0.0516

Step 2


The alternative hypothesis suggests that the test is left tailed. Thus, the P-value fo...


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P-value P(Z<z) = P(Z <1.63) 0.9484 (From standard normal table) =0.9484


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