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A train locomotive pulls a train with a mass of 1.20 ✕ 107 kg on level rails. The locomotive exerts a constant force of 7.60 ✕ 105 N on the train. How much time does it take to increase the speed of the train from rest to 62.0 km/h? (Ignore any resistance force from the rails on the wheels of the train. Enter your answer in minutes.)



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Step 1

Given information:


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F 7.6x10 N m 1.2x 10 kg u0 km/h v= 62 km/h

Step 2

Here, F is the constant force acting on the train, m is the mass of the train and u and v are the initial and final velocities of the train respective...


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F -mа F а — т (7.6х10° N) а 3 (1.2x10 kg) а 3D0.063 m/s?


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