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Which of the following substances has the highest vapor pressure?

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3.0 M NaCl(aq)
0.10 M NaCl(aq)
0.25 M NaCl(aq)

At room temperature, 5.25 g of Ce2(SO4)3 can dissolve in 50.0 g of water.  What is the mole fraction of Ce2(SO4)3 in this solution?

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Step 1


The pressure exerted by vapor is called vapor pressure.

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Step 2

Pure solvent has more vapor pressure than its corresponding solution.

As some of the space on the surface of the solvent is occupied by solue molecules, the vapor pressure of pure solvent decreases.

So, if the amount of solute increases in the solution, the vapor pressure of the solution decreases more.


Step 3

In the given data,

3.0M NaCl aqueous solution (solution)

0.10 M NaCl(aq)(solution)
water (pure solvent)
0.25 M NaCl(aq)  (solution)
Among them water is the p...

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