Asked Nov 6, 2019

A 1.1-kg 20-cm-diameter solid sphere is rotating about its diameter at 73 rev/min.

(a) What is its kinetic energy?

(b) If an additional 5.0 mJ of energy are supplied to the rotational energy, what is the new angular speed of the ball?


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Step 1


Total kinetic energy is the sum of rotational and translational kinetic energies.


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to tal 10

Step 2

Radius is half of the diameter. It is given that the diameter is 20 cm. So, the radius is 10 cm. Substituting the values,


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'0.105 rad/sec m 73rev/min (1.1kg) 10 cm 10 Kotal 100 cm rev/min 0.452J

Step 3

Answer: 0.4...

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