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A 320-kg glider is being pulled by a 1,860-kg jet along a horizontal runway with an acceleration of a = 2.20 m/s2 to the right as in the figure below. Find the following.

(a) the magnitude of the thrust provided by the jet's engines

(b) the magnitude of the tension in the cable connecting the jet and glider


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Step 1

Given information:


Image Transcriptionclose

т, 3 320 kg т, 3 1860 kg а%3D2.2 m/s+

Step 2

Here, mg and mj are the mass of the glider and jet respectively and a is the acceleration of the combined system(glider + jet).

(a) Write newton’s law and plug the su...


Image Transcriptionclose

F, =(m +m)a (320 kg +1860 kg)(2.2 m/s^ =4796 N


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