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A 34-turn circular coil of wire has diameter 0.92 m. It is placed with its axis along the direction of the Earth's magnetic field of 41.0 µT and then in 0.200 s is flipped 180°. An average emf of what magnitude is generated in the coil?


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Average induced emfis NA(BCose-Bcos dt N (z12)B(cos-cos e) dt

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Substituting the values Diameter of coil is 0.92 m. So, the radius is 0.46 m 10- T (34)(3.14) (0.46m)41.0T (Cos0°-cos180) 0.200s 926.2x10-5T-m 0.200s ImV = 4.63 x103v 10-3V = 4.63mV


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