a•b = 3
|a| = 4
|b| = 2
|a - 2b| = ?

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Q: Please help

A: Since f(x0,y0) is minimum of f(x,y). Then g(0) is minimum of g(t). That means g(0)<g(t) for t any...

Q: How do I do this?

A: We are given a function and at a point 

Q: Find a formula for the general term an (not the partial sum) of the infinite series (starting with a...

A: Given infinite series is, 

Q: Please help. Does the series below converge or diverge? Give a reason for your answer. (When checkin...

A: The given series is

Q: 11

A: Obtain the magnitude value of u as follows.

Q: Calculate the derivative of the function y = (6^6 + 3)^x using the fact that b^x = e^(x ln b) and by...

A: Consider the given function:

Q: Given f(x) = x^3 + 3x - 2 , find y = (f ^-1 (x))' at the point (2,1)

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Use the Divergence Theorem to compute the net outward flux of the field F=<x,2y,-z> across the...

A: From the Divergence theorem, for a positively oriented boundary surface (outward Normal) of region E...

Q: 5 dx In 26 In 24 '을 In 24 글 In 26 none of the above

A: Obtain the value of the integral as follows.

Q: If the formula describing the distance s(in feet) an object travels as a function of time(in seconds...

A: The distance s(in feet) an object travels as a function is s = 100 + 160 t -16t2.It is known that, t...

Q: How can I get the result? Which is the result?

A: The given function is,

Q: Question 2 Pratice

A: Part A

Q: What is the order of the following differential equation? −4x4 y=−5ln xy

A: Given differential equation is, 

Q: Please help me about this.

A: The radius of convergence is 4 which can be computed as follows.

Q: Find the relative maxima, relative minima, and points of inflection, and sketch the graph of the fun...

A: Please see the white board for derivative of y, expressed as y'

Q: The hyperbolic cosine function, denoted cosh x, is used to model the shape of a hanging cable (a tel...

A: Given information:Tyhe given function is cosh(x).

Q: This is solving the 2nd derivative of f(x) = x^2/ 1+e^x, and we have already obtained the 1st deriva...

A: The given function is,

Q: Help on #2

A: To find the arc length of r(t)=i+tj+2tk in the interval [1,2]

Q: 21 If fx)3then f(x) O 2x-2-1 3x 2x-3r2-3 3x O 2x-3x2-3 6x 2x 3x+2 O 2x-x2-1

A: Find the derivative of the given function.

Q: How do you set up the integral?

A: Given a triangle with function and the vertices,

Q: Find the average value of the function f(x) = e-4x on the interval [0, 1/2 ]

A: Given:The function is f(x) = e−4x .Definition used:The average value of a function f(x) on the inter...

Q: how to find  Find the area of the region enclosed by one loop of the curve. r = sin(4θ)

A: The given curve is r= sin4thetaArea of the curve enclosed in the first loop is,

Q: How can I get the result? Which is the result?

A: The function is given as  

Q: A​ hot-air balloon is 190 ftabove the ground when a motorcycle​ (traveling in a straight line on a h...

A: Let x be the horizontal distance from balloon to motorcycle, y be the vertical distance from the bal...

Q: Find the function which solves the initial value problem dy/dx= 3ex −2x;  y(0)=−1.

A: Given that dy/dx = 3ex-2x;   y(0) = 1.dy = (3ex-2x)dx            (By cross multiplying)Integrate on ...

Q: Find the average value of the function over the region R.  Please refer to picture.

A: The given function is f(x,y)=e-y in the interval x belongs to [0,8] and y belongs to [0,ln2]

Q: Find the aveage temperature in the box. Please refer to image. The bounds of x are 0 and ln3 The bo...

A: Given information:The given temperature distribution is T(x,y,z)=15e-x-y-z.

Q: 3ln xy′−9x2 y′=4x4  What is the order of the differential equation shown above?

A: The given differential equation is ,3ln xy′−9x2 y′=4x4  The order of the differential equation is th...

Q: A mass hanging from a spring is set in motion and its ensuing velocity is given by v(t) = -2 sin (pi...

A: To find the position function we integrate velocity function and use s(0)=2.Answer(A): Position func...

Q: find the exact length of the curve of the equation in the picture below make sure to show all work

A: The given curve equation is,

Q: 2x4 +4x3 y″−6(lnx)y‴=−3x3 −2x5 y(4) +7(lnx)y′   What is the order of the differential equation shown...

A: The given differential equation is ,2x4 +4x3 y″−6(lnx)y‴=−3x3 −2x5 y(4) +7(lnx)y′. The order of the ...

Q: Calculate S3, S, and S5 and then find the sum for the telescoping series 410 n3n1 n +2 n-3 where Sk ...

A: to determine the first few partial sums and the sum to infinity of the given telescoping series

Q: Does the series converge absolutely, converge conditionally, or diverge?

A: The given series is

Q: FIND THE DERIVATIVE OF THE FUNCTIONy=0.6e to the fifth(x) degree

A: The given function "y" is shown on the white board. We need to find its derivative. Before we get in...

Q: Is y=ex −5x−8 a solution to the initial value problem shown below? y′−5x=3+y y(0)=−7

A: The given differential equation is y=ex −5x−8.The solution of the deferential equation is given as, ...

Q: Help me please..

A: The Taylor series for cosx at x=0.

Q: Find the derivative of y with respect to x

A: we are given an inverse function 

Q: Find the absolute extrema of the given function on the indicated closed and bounded set R. (Order yo...

A: We are given a function and a closed interval as 

Q: Need a,b, and c please!

A: The given equation is s = –0.2t2 + 12t and the velocity is v =12 m/s. a. Obtain the velocity v of th...

Q: Please help me solve this differential equation and identify P(x), Q(x) and v(x).

A: First we rearrange the equation and find P(x) and Q(x)

Q: If f(x) 3x-2then f(x) = x 2x+ 2x5/3 2x 2x-1 12 1+5x8/3 3x2 2x-53-3x-3/2 x2 none of the above

A: The given function is,