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Boron consists of two isotopes. The reported mass of boron is the weighted average of these two isotopes.

Part 1: Complete the equation below that shows how to calculate the actual mass of a boron atom using x for the abundance of B-11 and y for the abundance of B-10.

Part 2: If x and are the fractional abundances of each isotope, then what must x and y add up to?


Actual mass of B =
mass of 10B
mass ofB

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Actual mass of B = mass of 10B mass ofB X


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Step 1

Boron has two isotopes which are B-10 and B-11. It is given that the abundance of B-11 is x and for B-10 is y. The abundance is generally expressed in terms of percentage and hence the actual mass of boron can be calculated as,


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Y (%) x Mass of 10B + 100 Actual mass of B x Mass of 1B 100

Step 2

In nature, the abundance of B-10 is around 20 % whereas for B-11 is 80%. Hence if we substitute (...


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Y (% x Mass of 10B +^ xMass of 11B Actual mass of B 100 100 20 80 x 10 100 Actual mass of B x 11 100 Actual mass of B 10.8


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