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  • Addition of HCl to an alkene forms 2-chloropropane. What is the alkene?

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Step 1

The addition of halogen molecule across the double bond of unsaturated hydrocarbons is termed as a halogen addition reaction. This is an electrophilic addition reaction.

Step 2

The 2-chloropropane is formed by the addition of HCl to prop-1-ene. The addition of HCl to alkene (prop-1-ene) follows Markovnikov’s rule. According to this, the positive part (H) of HCl goes to carbon having a greater number of hydrogen and negative part (Cl) of HCl goes to carbon having less number of hydrogens.

The addition of HCl to prop-1-ene is shown below.


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НС CHy-ҫн—сH, CH3-CH=CH, prop-1-ene CI 2-chloropropane

Step 3

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The detailed reaction is shown below. CH,-сH—сн, CH3-CH=CH, Carbocation prop-1-ene CH3-CH-CH3 CH3-CH–CH3 ČI 2-chloropropane


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