The roof system of an office building consists of a 4-in.- thick reinforced concrete slab resting on four steel beams (A ¼ 16:2 in.2), which are supported by two steel girders (A = 42:9 in.2). The girders, in turn, are supported by four columns, as shown in Fig. P2.8. Determine the dead loads acting on the girder AG.

Steel girder
(A = 42.9 in.?)
- 20 ft-
-4 in.
D concrete slab
3 at 9 ft = 27 ft
Steel floor beam
(A = 16.2 in.2)

Image Transcription

AF Steel girder (A = 42.9 in.?) - 20 ft- Steel column -4 in. D concrete slab 3 at 9 ft = 27 ft E F Steel floor beam (A = 16.2 in.2) H- G H

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