(a)Find the inflection point(s) and (b) local minimum and maximun


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Q: Use the Quotient Rule to differentiate the function f(x) = (tan(x) − 1)/(sec(x)   Simplify the expre...

A: Given:

Q: Can you help me with this problem step by step?

A: To find critical points we set f'(x)=0 and solve for x. Answer(a): -5,5

Q: Help please. Working on my study guide and I'm confused

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Q: Evaluate the indefinite integral 1 sec (x) tan(x) dx +C

A: Given,

Q: Find the derivative.

A: Given,

Q: Find the following indefinite integrals. X dx= Vx6 +C

A: Given,

Q: Can you help me step by step?

A: The function is given by

Q: Find the derivative

A: Given,

Q: Given function, find the inverse function Question Find the inverse of the following function. -8x2-...

A: The given function is

Q: Use the limit process to find the area of the region between the graph of the function and the x-axi...

A: Given:Use the limit process to find the area of the region between the graph of the function and the...

Q: please answer question 15 with graph

A: The given function is,

Q: Consider the following function. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) 7 x2 f(x) = 1 + х (a) Fin...

A: A vertical line x = a is said to be the vertical asymptote of the cure y = f(x) if it satisfies the ...

Q: Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point.

A: To find the tangent at the given point on the curve, using derivatives

Q: 1 V25 81x2 xp +C WeBWorK notation for sin '(x) is arcsin(x) or asinx), for x) it's arctan(x) or atan...

A: Given,

Q: see attachment

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Q: Differentiate y = e*cos x У'3

A: To find the derivative of the function which is exponential in nature

Q: Find the intervals of increase or decrease. Find the local maximum and minimum values. Find the ...

A: Given:

Q: I need help with parts b. and c.   JUST THESE PARTS

A: b). Given

Q: dx Evaluate 256 289x2 dx 256-289x (Use C as an arbitrary constant.)

A: Substitute for x as follows.

Q: lo eTTIoprvars ruc, -too 42 3r (c) Use the substitution rule to show that lim0 f(x) = lim^0+ f() and...

A: Given

Q: Change from rectangular to spherical coordinates. (Let p 2 0, 0 < 0 < 2n, and 0 s p n.) (0, 2 3, 2) ...

A: Formula for the converting rectangular coordinates to spherical coordinates.

Q: Answer the following questions about the function whose derivative is f′(x)=(x-6)^2(x+7). Assume the...

A: Given,

Q: Differentiate. f(x) = x2 sin(x)

A: To determine the derivative of the function.

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: Given: -

Q: Evaluate the indefinite integral -3 tan (x) sec'(x) dx +C

A: Given,

Q: Recall the arithmetic mean of two positive numbers a and b. Show that the value of c in the conclusi...

A: Consider the two positive number a and b and the function

Q: step by step please, i believe this is the compound interest formula

A: Given,The initial deposit (P) = $10000The account worth (A) = $15000The interest is compounded daily...

Q: Can you help me on #1

A: Distribute secx use 1/secx=cos xThen simplify.

Q: The function f has a continuous second derivative, and it satisfies f(7)=5, f′(7)=4 and f″(7)=−2. We...

A: f"(7)=-2 Since f " (7) &lt; 0 so at x=7 f(x) is concave down.

Q: step by step please.

A: Given,

Q: What are the coordinates used to evaluate the following problem and how are they found?

A: Given that D is a region that lies below the sphere and above a cone.

Q: For arbitray values of K and b, when does the maximum growth rate occur (in terms of K and b)? P(t)=...

A: Compute first derivative as follows.

Q: I need help with question 23 in Section 3.9, page 250, of the James Stewart Calculus Eighth Edition ...

A: In order to calculate the rate of change in the distance between the ships at 4.00 pm, use the given...

Q: Use the definition if the derivative to find dy/dx for the function y=1+×/3x

A: To determine the derivative of given function by using the definition.

Q: 3. For each of the functions below, find a formula for the inverse of f. ea (a) f(x) 1 2e* (b) f(x)I...

A: Part (a)y = ex/ (1 + 2ex)Hence, y(1 + 2ex) = exHence, y + 2y ex = exHence, ex = y / (1 – 2y)Hence, x...

Q: The half-life of iodine-123 is about 13 hours. You begin with 52 grams of iodine-123.   (a) Write an...

A: Consider the amount of iodine(I) as a function of time(t).

Q: Can you help me with this problem step by step?

A: Consider the function f(t) = 12t - t3 in the interval [-3, ∞).

Q: Use the given graph of fover the interval (0, 7) to find the following. (a) The open intervals on wh...

A: a) The first answer is wrong. Because the graph is in (0,7).So it is increasing in (0,1)U(3,7)

Q: To illustrate the Mean Value Theorem with a specific function, let's consider f(x) = x3 - x, a = 0, ...

A: Given,

Q: 4. Find the area that lies inside the curve r = 4 cos and outside the curve r = 2.

A: Given, curves are

Q: indefinite integral of (7 + u + u2) du

A: To find: value of the indefinite integral.