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After a 5.87g sample of white metal has been added to the water in a 10mL graduated cylinder, the density of the white metal is 9.5g/mL and the new water level is 7.3mL. What was the water level in the cylinder before the sample was added? 


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Step 1

It is required to calculate the water level in the cylinder before the sample was added. The volume of the sample can be calculated as,


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Mass DensityVolume Mass VolumeDensity 5.87 g Volume9.5 g/ml Volume 0.62 ml

Step 2

The volume occupied by the sample is 0.62 ml.

Step 3

Now let us calculate the initial level of...


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Initial level New level - volume of sample Initial level 7.3 0.62 Initial level 6.68 ml Hence, the initial level in the cylinder was 6.68 ml


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