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Q: C=3/7 (bw+x) for w

A: The given algebraic equation is,

Q: For the pair of functions, find the indicated  F(x)=4x2+6x+9   g(x)=2x-3 a. (F•g)(x)=  b. (F-g)(-3)=

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Two planes are 2675 mi apart and are traveling toward each other. One plane is traveling 110 mph fas...

A: Given,          Two planes are 2675 miles apart and are traveling toward each other. One plane is tr...

Q: WHat are the dimensions of a rectangle whose perimeter is 56ft. and whose area is 180 sq. ft.?

A: Let x and y be the length and breadth of rectangle respectively. Firsstly, we use the formula for pe...

Q: What would be the percentage of 20 out of 21 faculty members being funded of a salary totaling $1,30...

A: We have to divide 20 by 21 and then multiply by 100 to find percentage 

Q: Write the quadratic equation in general form. 20x2 = 70

A: The given equation is 20x2=70. The general form of a quadratic function is ,

Q: Find the following quotient and express the answer in standard form of a complex number. 3−5i/4−3i

A: The given expression is,

Q: 2. A butcher has some hamburger that is 23% fat and some that is 17% fat. How many pounds of each sh...

A: Let x lb of 23% fat hamburger is mixed with (81–x) lb of 17% fat hamburger to make 81 lb of 19% fat ...

Q: Lab 1.2.57 y courses Find the domalin of the function X+ 2 urse Hom yllabus The domain of the functi...

A: Given that the function is