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Ammonium phosphate ((NH4)3PO4) is an important ingredient in many fertilizers. It can be made by reacting phosphoric acid (H3PO4) with ammonia (NH3).What mass of ammonium phosphate is produced by the reaction of 5.65g of phosphoric acid?



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Step 1

Chemical reaction between phosphoric acid and ammonia is given by:

H3PO43NH3 (NH4)3PO4

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H3PO43NH3 (NH4)3PO4

Step 2

Calculation for number of mol...

number of moles
molar mass
5.65 g
number of moles =
97.994 g/mol
number of moles 0.05765 mol

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mass number of moles molar mass 5.65 g number of moles = 97.994 g/mol number of moles 0.05765 mol


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