An AC generator with an output rms voltage of 36.0 V ata frequency of 60.0 Hz is connected across a 12.0 - µF capacitor.Find the (a) capacitive reactance, (b) rms current, and (c) maximum current in the circuit. (d) Does the capacitorhave its maximum charge when the current takes its maximumvalue? Explain.

Asked Dec 25, 2019

An AC generator with an output rms voltage of 36.0 V at
a frequency of 60.0 Hz is connected across a 12.0 - µF capacitor.
Find the (a) capacitive reactance, (b) rms current, and 

(c) maximum current in the circuit. (d) Does the capacitor
have its maximum charge when the current takes its maximum
value? Explain.


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Step 1

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Given 36.0V Oulput ams volfage, AVrms frequeney, f = 60.0 Hz Capacitante, C = 12.0 X10° F

Step 2

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Paot la) Capacitive reactance, Xc = 2ñfC where, f is the frequency of vltage sousee, cis the Capacitance, Xe (2x) ( 60.0H2) (12.0 X106F) 2212

Step 3

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Past (b) AVams RMS Cusrent, Toms Xe 36.0V 2212 0.163 A


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