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An airplane is headed on a bearing of 123° at an airspeed of 226 km per hour. A 49 km per hour wind is blowing from a direction of 200°. Find the ground speed and resulting bearing of the plane


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Step 1

We have been given that an airplane is headed on a bearing of 123° at an airspeed of 226 km per hour. Also, there is a wind blowing at 49 km per hour from a direction of 200°. 

Let us first make a diagram to show this scenario and then we will be able to answer this question.


Step 2

As per parallelogram low of vectors, the resultant of these two vectors can be represented along the diagonal of the parallelogram. Upon doing so, we get the required parallelogram as shown below:

Step 3

Now we can use either low of cosines or parallelogram law of vecto...


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