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An alloy of Sn, Pb, and Cd has a mole ratio of Sn to Pb of 2.73:1.00, and the mass ratio of Pb to Cd is 1.78:1.00. What is the mass percent of Sn in the alloy?


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An alloy of Sn, Pb, and Cd has a mole ratio of Sn to Pb of ...


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The mole ratio of Pb to Cd is calculated as follows, 1 Mole ratio of Pb to Cd =- (1/1.78) 1 Mole ratio of Pb to Cd . 0.5618 Mass in grams of Sn is calculated as follows, Mass Molesx Molar mass Mass 2.73x118.71 Mass 324.08 g Sn Mass in grams of Pb is calculated as follows, Mass Molesx Molar mass Mass1.00x 207.2 Mass 207.2g Pb


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