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An aqueous solution was prepared by mixing 58.5 g NaCl (MM 58.5) and 13.0 g KCl (MM 74.5) with 1.200 L of water at 4 oC. What would be the freezing point and boiling point of this solution at 1.0 atm?

_____________ is the boiling point

_____________ is the freezing point


Expert Answer

Step 1

Density of water = 1g/mL, so volume = mass.

Molality of NaCl in solution = 58.5g/58.5g/mol×1.20 kg = 0.833 m

Molality of KCl in solution = 13g/74.5g/mol×1.20 kg = 0.145 m.

Step 2

Kf = -1.86oC/m.


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Freezing point of solution = iK,m=2x(-1.86)x0.833+2x(-1.86)x0.145–3.64°C


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