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An electrical heater is used to supply 105.0 J of energy to a 15.0 g sample of aluminum (specific heat is 0.901 J/(goC), originally at 295.0 Kelvin. Determine the final temperature in Kelvin.


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Step 1

The heat supplied to a sample of aluminium is 105 J. The final temperature is calculated as,


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Q mCAT x C x AT Q m 105 J 15 g x 0.901 J g-1 °C-1x AT AT = 7.76 °C

Step 2

Converting the valu...


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AT 7.76 °C =2737.76 = 280.73 K AT Tfinal - Tinitial 280.73 Tfinal-295 Tfinal 575.73 K


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