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An electron moves in a circular path perpendicular to a magnetic
field of magnitude 0.235 T. If the kinetic energy of the
electron is 3.30 x 10-19 J, find (a) the speed of the electron
and (b) the radius of the circular path.


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Step 1

(a) The velocity of the electron is


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KE =-mv? 2(KE) [1] 2(3.30 ×10-1 J) (9.1×10-³'kg) = 8.51x10'm/s

Step 2

(b) The forces acting on an electron moves in a circu...


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F = F. mv? q(v×B) [sin90° =1] my? qvB = [2] [3] qB


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Magnetic Effects of Current

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