Asked Feb 24, 2020
An entomologist writes an article in a scientific journal that claims that fewer than 16 in ten thousand male fireflies are unable to produce light due to a genetic mutation. Use the parameter p, the true proportion of fireflies unable to produce light.

A) H 0 : p > 0.0016

H 1: p ≤ 0.0016

B) H 0 : p = 0.0016

H 1: p > 0.0016  


C) H 0 : p = 0.0016

H 1: p < 0.0016


D) H 0 : p < 0.0016

H 1: p ≥ 0.0016


Expert Answer

Step 1

From the provided information,

The sample size (n) = 10000

The number of male fireflies which are unable to produce light due to a genetic mutation (x) = 16

The proportion can be obtained as:

Statistics homework question answer, step 1, image 1


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