Asked Apr 11, 2019

An open-top box is to be made from a 70-centimeter by 96-centimeter piece of plastic by removing a square from each corner of the plastic and folding up the flaps on each side. What size square should be cut out of each corner to get a box with the maximum volume? Enter the area of the square and do not include any units in your answer. Enter an improper fraction if necessary.


Expert Answer

Step 1

Let assume that side of square which should be cut out from each corner = x

So dimensions of open top box will be 96-2x, 70-2x and x.

That is  length of box = 96-=2x

              Breath of box = 70-2x

               And depth of box  = x

Step 2

Since volume of Cuboid = length*breath*depth


Step 3

On differentiating ...


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