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An organ pipe 2.4 m long is open at one end and closed at the other end.

What is the linear distance between a node and the adjacent antinode for the third harmonic in this pipe?


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An organ pipe is 2.4 m long and open at one end and closed at other.

Step 2

Showing the diagram of the given case:


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A diagram is given below, which shows the third harminc present in a organ pipe open at one end and closed at another end. А N L A

Step 3

Calculating the distance between a n...


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The length of the pipe = L 2.4 m As we know, Antinodes and nodes are always formed equidistant. Means, distance between any two adjacent node and antinode pair would be the same. In the given case, the organ pipe has third harmonic, means there are three pairs of Antinode and node So, the distance between an antinode and an adjacent node would be one third of the length of the pipe L So, required distacne = 3 2.4m =0.8m 3 Hence, an adjacent node and antinode are 0.8 m apart


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