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 An unknown compound contains only C , H , and O . Combustion of 2.60 g of this compound produced 5.19 g CO2 and 2.13 g H2O . What is the empirical formula of the unknown compound? Insert subscripts as needed.



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Step 1


Elements present = C, H , O

Mass of sample = 2.60g

Mass of CO2 = 5.19 g

Mass of H2O = 2.13 g

Empirical formula = CHO

Step 2

Find the mass of each element:

Mass of C in CO2 :

12 g of C is present in 44 g of CO2

? g of C in 5.19 g ?

5.19 g X 12 / 44 = 1.41

Mass of H in water :

From the formula of water,

2g of H is present in 18g of water

? g of H in 2.13 g of water?

2.13 X 2 / 18 = 0.236

Mass of O:

Mass of O = total mass of...

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