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An urn contains 8 red chips and 4 blue chips. Two chips are selected one at a time and
without replacement (wtr). (2)
a. Use FPC to determine the number of ways a red chip and a blue chip (not necessarily
in that order) can be selected.


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Step 1

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thid Quustien, it required to in th no a xd chip and a bilue chipfrom 8 red chips and 4 blu chips Ways do Selec+ Shi ch Contains Cn uin t

Step 2

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Finit Population Coireclign (Fce) iud to adus the vanicnu CAtimated mean It not reauired to find the no en to dras danpu 3isxd hunyou dau damplu withous relaument from guaten than af finite Populaion Bince the Centrel limi tuortm not th8tandaud error i too big, 80 to opeliable in uch Caes, anc adgust te 8tandand eror i is nuded o ux FCP


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