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Answer the following questions about acetonitrile (CH3C = N:).

a. Determine the hybridization of both C atoms and the N atom.
b. Label all bonds as s or p.
c. In what type of orbital does the lone pair on N reside?
d. Label all bonds as polar or nonpolar.


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Step 1

Hybridization of carbon and nitrogen atom has to be given.

Hybridization is the mixing of valence atomic orbitals to get equivalent hybridized orbitals that having similar characteristics and energy.


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Given, Acetonitrile H-C-CEN : I-U-I

Step 2

CH3 Carbon atom is Sp3 hybridization,

CN Carbon atom is Sp hybridization and

CN Nitrogen atom is Sp hybridization.


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(a) Hybridization of carbon and nitrogen atom in acetonitrile is given below, Sp - Hybridisation н т H-C-C=N Н Sp3 - Hybridisation Sp - Hybridisation

Step 3

Sigma (σ) bonds are the bonds in which shared hybrid orbital’s electron density are concentrated along the internuclear axis.

Pi (π) bonds are the bonds in which shared hybridized orbit...


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(b) Number of o bonds and a bonds: o - Bond 2π-Bond o - Bond Number of bonds in o and r t.. H-C-CEN 0 - Bond 5 2л — Вond o - Bond o - Bond o - Bond Type of Bond No.of obonds No. of t bonds Single Triple


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