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Answer the four questions below related to the spontaneous redox reaction that occurs when
Cr(OH)3(s) reacts with NO3(aq) to produce CrO42–(aq)and NO2(aq) under basic conditions.

Write the balanced net ionic equation, including states of matter, for the overall reaction.


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Step 1

The two half-reactions of the given redox reaction are as follows:


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Cr(OH), (sCro NO (ag) NO5 (aq)NO2(aq)

Step 2

The elements other than O and H are balanced. The number of O is balanced by adding H2O as follows:


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Cr(он), () + Н,о0) — Crо? NO5 (aq)NO(aq)H20)

Step 3

The number of H is balanced by adding ...


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Cr (oH), )H-ao +5Ha) NO(aq)+2H (ag)>NO(aq)+ H2O)


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