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Are age and obesity independent? Preform a chi-squared test of independence. Document the 5 steps used in hypothesis testing.

Age Obese Not Obese Total
<50 100 500 600
50+ 200 200 400
Total 300 700 1,000

Expert Answer

Step 1

The test statistic is given below:



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(Q-E) (r-1Xe-1) Ei Where: OObserved frequency E Expected frequency r = Number of rows c Number of columns

Step 2

The null and alternative hypotheses are stated below:

Null hypothesis: The age and obesity are not independent.

Alternative hypothesis: The age and obesity are independent.

Step 3

The Expected frequency each observation can be obtained as follows:



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Row totalxColumn total E(100)= Grand total 600x 300 1,000 =180


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