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Arrange the following in order of increasing entropy, from smallest to largest value.

1.00 g Br2 (gas, 331.9 K, 0.10 atm) 

1.00 g Br2 (gas, 331.9 K, 1.00 atm) 

1.00 g Br atoms (gas 331.9 K, 0.10 atm) 

1.00 g Br2 (liquid, 331.9 K, 1.00 atm) 

(Answers for each can be 1-4)


Expert Answer

Step 1

Entropy is the degree of randomness.

Step 2

Maximum entropy is for gases and minimum entropy is for solids.


Out of the four systems, 1.00g Br2 (liquid, 331.9 K, 1.00 atm) has lowest entropy when compared to gases. Thus, 1.00g Br2 (liquid, 331.9 K, 1.00 atm) has smallest value of entropy among all the system.


Step 3

With an increase in pressure, entropy increases since the molecules collide more and more.


Comparing the other three systems in gaseous state, maximum pressure is for 1.00g Br2 (gas...

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