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As chyme enters the duodenum the intestinal cells release hormones. One hormone, gastric inhibitory peptide (GIP), makes the pancreas release insulin. Why does this make sense?


As chyme enters the duodenum the intestinal cells release hormones. One hormone, gastric inhibitory peptide (GIP), makes the pancreas release insulin. Why does this make sense?

Step 1

The endocrine system and the nervous system function collectively to increase the secretions of gastric cavity as well as motility of ingested food. These two systems also suppress both the functions when the stomach is empty. Chyme is a pulpy acidic fluid that consists of partly digested food mixed with gastric juices. This fluid moves from the stomach and enters into the small intestine.


Step 2

Regulation of gastric activity consists of three phases: cephalic, gastric and intestinal phases. The intestinal phase begins when an influx of chyme is detected by the neurons that results in neural reflex, which slow down the gastric secretions and motility as well.

Step 3

Fats present in chyme trigger the secretion of enterogasterones. This hormone group includes somatostatin, gastric inhibitory peptide (GIP), cholecystokinin (CCK), and glucagon like peptide (GLP-1). These hormones sl...

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