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Assume that you have a stock solution of 10% SDS and you need to make 150 microliters of 0.5% SDS. What volume of 10% SDS and what volume of water would you use? 


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Step 1

Stock solution (SDS) = 10%

Concentration of stock solution = 10g of SDS/ 100ml of water.

Similarly, the concentration of 0.5% solution = 0.5g of SDS/100ml of water.

Therefore, 1ml of 0.5% solution contains = 0.5/100 x 1

                                                                   = 5mg of SDS (note: 1g = 1000mg; 0.5g = 500mg)

If 1ml of 0.5% solution has 5mg of SDS, then 1µL of solution contains


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