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At 65 degrees Celsius, pure PCl5 (g) is present in a flask at a pressure of 200.0 mmHg. At 200.0 degress celsius, the gass is completely dissociated into PCl3 (g) and Cl2(g). Calculate the pressure in the flask at 200 degrees celsius after the decomposition reaction. 


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Step 1

According to the Gay-Lussac’s law, for a given amount of a gas, the pressure is directly proportional to the temperature. The mathematical relation is as shown blow:


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P oc T or P kT

Step 2

For two values of pressure and temperature at constant volume the formula can be written as:


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Р Р. Т, т, Р Т, Р. Т, or

Step 3

At 65o C= 338 K , the pressure of PCl5 is given to be 200.0 mmHg.

The pressure at...


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Р.XТ, Р, Т, 200.0 mmHg x473 К 338K -279.88 mmHg


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