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At a certain temperature the vapor pressure of pure methanol CH3OH

 is measured to be 205.torr. Suppose a solution is prepared by mixing 133.g of methanol and 135.g of acetone CH32CO. Calculate the partial pressure of methanol vapor above this solution. Round your answer to 

3 significant digits.

Note for advanced students: you may assume the solution is ideal.


Expert Answer

Step 1

Partial pressure is determined by using equation (1)

methanol = partial pressure of methanol

Xmethanol = mole fraction of methanol

P˚methanol = vapor pressure of pure methanol.


Also given that vapor pressure of pure methanol is 205 torr.


Image Transcriptionclose

x po methanol Methanol x 'methanol (1)

Step 2

Given mass of methanol =133 g

The molecular mass of methanol = 32.04 g mol-1  

Number of moles of methanol (n1)

Given mass of acetone =135 g

The mole...


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133 g 32.04 g mol-l 4.1510 mole 135 g "2 58.08 g mol1 -2.3243 mole


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